SuperATV RT Warrior UTV / ATV Tires
SuperATV RT Warrior UTV / ATV Tires
SuperATV RT Warrior UTV / ATV Tires
SuperATV RT Warrior UTV / ATV Tires

SuperATV RT Warrior UTV / ATV Tires

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Why we make it 
SuperATV’s RT Warrior tire is the ultimate UTV rock tire for your machine! Here at SuperATV, we have a deep love for rock crawling. We spent years crawling over slick rock in Moab, up the rocky hills of Indiana, and through rock gardens in the Tennessee mountains, and we realized that we needed something better. That’s why we built the RT Warrior from scratch to deliver ultimate rock crawling performance. 

Designed by rock crawlers, for rock crawlers 
These tires grip where others slip! Every inch of this tire has been meticulously designed to give you perfect grip on rocks, dirt, gravel and sand. The 1” tread depth and patent pending tapered pyramid tread pattern works like a tank tread to grab and compress the terrain, allowing it to grip harder than other tires with deeper lugs. The RT Warrior takes advantage of unique Ejector Ribs that keep dirt and mud from clinging to the tire between the lugs. This gives them to ability to clean out completely for continuous traction. All this while the 8-ply construction and aramid belt construction keeps the tire stable but flexible even in off-camber and low pressure situations. We even siped the lugs to ensure that every last inch of this tire is designed to grip! And they’re available with hard or sticky (soft) rubber compounds so you can have even more traction! This tread crawls while others fall! 

No compromise 
When we said we wanted to make the ultimate rock tire, we meant it. We spared no expense and cut no corners. After testing RT Warrior tires all across the US and receiving rave reviews from the deserts of California, the mountains of Tennessee, and the slick rock monoliths in Moab we’re confident that these are the best rock tires around. From the durometer, to the lugs, ribs, and siping we missed no detail because we won’t settle for less. Will you? 


  • Designed for rock crawlers, by rock crawlers
  • 8 ply construction
  • 1-of-a-kind lug pattern
  • Built in rim guard
  • Smooth running
  • V-shaped tread provides traction in almost any condition including slick or muddy terrain
  • Rubber durometer dialed in for better rock grip
  • Custom design for maximum cleanout and traction
  • Aramid belt construction for strength and flexibility
  • Available in hard or sticky (soft) rubber compounds

Tire Size Tire Compound Tire Weight
30x10-14 Standard 38 lbs
32x10-14 Standard 42 lbs
30x10-14 Sticky (soft) 38 lbs
32x10-14 Sticky (soft) 41 lbs
34x10-14 Standard 49 lbs
34x10-14 Sticky (soft) 48 lbs