Replacement Portal Brake Rotor Kit

Replacement Portal Brake Rotor Kit

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If you’re getting a little too rowdy and you damage a brake rotor on your portal gear lift, we’ve got you covered. These Portal brake rotors are the exact same ones that came new with your kit and are universal for all portal kits. Just select 4” or 6” rotors and you’re good to go! Front and rear rotors are interchangeable. 

Sold in pairs – 1 left rotor; 1 right rotor;


  • Includes 1 left rotor and 1 right rotor
  • Made of 4130 steel
  • 4" brake rotors fit ALL 4" GDP Portal Gear Lifts
  • 6" brake rotors fit ALL 6" GDP Portal Gear Lifts
  • Rotors can be used in front or rear